Kayaks and Cairns

Whenever lockdown ends, I imagine we all have a special place (other than the pub) to which we’re yearning to escape. On this Bank Holiday, I’m thinking of two days spent with my boys in the great outdoors a while ago, which didn’t quite go as expected, but where we’ll definitely be heading again when … Continue reading Kayaks and Cairns

Open the Box

This has been a pretty unique week. Since Easter, teachers, schools and Trusts such as Greenshaw Learning Trust, Oak National Academy and Robin Hood Trust have opened their doors to the world and shared all of their subject resources. Teachers have uploaded clips for other schools and pupils not at their school to use. Books … Continue reading Open the Box

I am because we are

Warm weather this week means the government is telling us to stay in. Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer has resigned because she didn’t. And then the Queen spoke. Despite the detached weirdness of working remotely in lockdown, there are elements about it I’ve secretly enjoyed. In our whirlwind world there is something attractive about being solitary … Continue reading I am because we are